Remodel update, we’re almost done!

If you’ve followed this blog for any time, you’ve learned a few things about me.

1.  Mr. Wonderful is, well, wonderful!

2.  Things 1, 2 and 3 are the center of our lives and our greatest accomplishments!

3.  I love my job.  My students give me opportunities daily to learn from them!

4.  I have a garden roughly the size of half a football field.  Weeds beware!

5.  I dabble in photography and graphic design, Photoshop is my friend!

6.  If I can get it to hold still, I’ll cook it or can it for later use.

7.  We have a good dog and a bad dog.  Their code names are Dexter and Elwood.


8.  We’ve been remodeling our house for what feels like forever!

I thought it was time to give you a sneak peak into how the remodel is going.


Looks like we’ll be all done by Christmas!

I have to credit my college room mate, with whom I just recently connected  on Facebook for the photo and the hilarious idea to tease you with it in a post!

Thanks Linda, your sense of humor is still among my favorites!

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