My Blessings


I recently took a trip to our capitol city of Pierre, SD with my students.  At Christmastime, we always make a stop at the capitol building to take in all the beautiful decorations and Christmas trees.  It’s that time of year when I think we all take time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives.  I’ve been recently reminded of how incredibly lucky that I really am.


One of my blessings is this young man and the opportunities that he has shown me for compassion, growth, teamwork and strength.

As I write, this young man is laying in a hospital bed in an ICU ward.  He underwent a surgical procedure today and will have another tomorrow.  When I stopped to visit with he and his mother this afternoon, he was in a great deal of pain, but still, smiling and happy to see me.

I need to remember that special quality when I’m having a bad day and suffering from my crabby disorder.


I need to remind myself to see the beauty all around me and be forever mindful of my many blessings.


These young leaders are some of my greatest blessings.  They enter my classroom and share their lives, laughs, talents and tears with me.  All too quickly, they will graduate and move on through the various trails of their lives, leaving fingerprints and so much more on my heart and mind.

I thank God for the blessings of a wonderful husband, family, friends and students.  For a job that I truly love and for all of the opportunities I am provided with each day to learn more from those around me.

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