Eclipse Opening Night

If you were not aware that the latest movie, “Eclipse”, in the Twilight series was released recently, you either don’t have any women in your life or you’ve been living under a huge rock!

The girls and I carefully planned our night out to the midnight showing of Eclipse.  When the last movie opened we saw it together, sort of.  In two different time zones and three different cities.  Now that all the Things are home from college, we were able to experience Team Edward and Team Jacob together!


The movie poster and the girls.


Our tickets, purchased online two weeks before the show!


Thing 2 and her good friend!


Thing 1 and the little sister of her very own “Marlboro Man” participated in a video interview for a local entertainment blog.


Our row in the theatre.


Some of them were paying attention, some of them were texting their friends.


Following the movie we made a mad dash for the truck.  The line to the bathroom in the theatre was nearly a mile long.

We zoomed across the street to the convenience store – same line, different people.  Our next bathroom stop of desperation led us to Wal-Mart.  Success!

Then it was off to find something yummy to eat.

Post movie treats at Cold Stone Creamery.


Thing 3’s icecream


Mine – Coffee Lovers Only!  It makes me smile just thinking of it.


At 3 in the morning we arrived home and quietly and quickly headed off to bed.

It was amazing how much less talkative the girls were on the way home from the movie in comparison to on the way there.

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