I miss your face

It’s true, I miss your face Thing 2!  It’s time for you to pack your things and get your hiney home!  Your mommy misses you!

If you haven’t been following the tales from my arranged marriage for long or have no idea why I would miss the face of Thing 2, I’ll help you out.  she’s been away at college since Christmas break, so, it’s been several weeks since I’ve seen her face!

Thing 2 has wrapped up her sophomore year at Stanford and worked on the graduation crew this past weekend.  There are several traditions at Stanford that just make you shake your head.  One such tradition is the “Wacky Walk”.  The processional into the stadium for graduation.  The graduates wear all sorts of costumes, carry signs and balloons and generally bring the party with them to commencement!

The experiences that my daughter has had these past two years at Stanford are ones that have supplemented the foundation given to her here at home.

So this is a face I miss,


and this one, a serious college student;


and this one, dressed up for a formal;


even this goofy one!

Trust me, when Thing 2 is involved, there are a lot of goofy face photos!

It’s given!


This is the face I miss the most, happy, content, driven, loved and mine!


Hurry home Thing 2, tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

I’ll be the one that looks like me at the airport, just so you know!

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