The mixer and The Dragon Lady


My Mother-in-Law, Mary, is also known among our family as “The Dragon Lady.”   Let me just state for the record: I love my Mother-in-Law, she rocks! 

As for the nickname; that’s a story Mr. Wonderful will have to tell you.  As a single parent, Mary raised Mr. Wonderful the best she could.  She was strict and had high expectations for him.  It paid off, she raised a good man, husband and father! 

 I believe the the true origin of the name comes from her long term career as a hard nosed city finance officer.  She was the person that had the power turned off when bills weren’t paid on time. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dragon Lady are from a long line of gypsies.  They seem to settle on a place to live and then change their mind.  They have recently bought a home in Yuma, AZ.  They are snow birds, and have been living on a lot in a fifth wheel ritzy camper the last several winters.  The housing market in the Yuma area has been a bargain basement for home buyers.  So, now the camper and lot will go up for sale as well as their condo here in South Dakota.

Several houses and moves ago, The Dragon Lady gave me her Kitchen Aid mixer.  I love it!  I love her too, but I will pledge my undying affection to the Kitchen Aid mixer!  It’s probably my favorite piece of kitchen equipment! 

The Dragon Lady is finally home in South Dakota for the summer.  I can’t wait to get in the garden with her and test out some new canning recipes in my kitchen!  Last year we did some amazing pickled beets and some sweet and savory cabbage.

But first, there will be steaks on the grill and a bottle or two of wine to share!

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