Hula on Horseback

For those of you who have been long time followers of the saga of our family know that Hula is my mother.  Affectionately known by the Things as “Hula Grandma”.

Hula makes her home on the Island of Oahu and lives inland from Pearl Harbor – hence the Hula nickname.

In April Hula made a trip to Arizona for some vacation time and to attend a convention of rose growers and judges.

Prior to her convention, she stayed at the White Stallion Ranch, a dude ranch of sorts in the Arizona desert.

I assumed they had a white stallion.



I asked if there was a black stallion too.  To this Hula replied that she’d asked the same question and learned that they would have liked to name the ranch the Black Stallion Ranch but didn’t think the initials would be favorable for business.

I grew up on horseback.  It was a family hobby that allowed my father; a medical doctor, to spend time with my brother, Mr. Who, and I away from the hospital.  Hula was also deeply involved in the horse raising, riding, training and showing enterprise.  She enjoyed riding in the “Jack Benny Pleasure” class.  A Western Pleasure class only for those riders of a, shall we say, more mature age.

After hearing Hula’s plans to go riding and even team penning while in Arizona, I worried for a few moments and then said a prayer for any horse that would cross her.  Let me tell you, Hula may be , hmm, what can I say that won’t get me in trouble….. more mature than most, but she can clean the clock of an obstinate horse quicker than you can say sopapilla!


Hula packed her bags to leave Hawaii and head to the mainland.  She packed her cowboy boots; I’m betting the Kangaroo hide ones.  They were always her favorites.  She packed jeans, long sleeved shirts, sunscreen, and bug spray.  There was no way a cowboy hat was going to make it into her luggage!

The ranch has a rule that all riders must wear a hat and it must have the little string that goes under your chin.  Hula scoured the hat rack in the lodge looking for a hat that would fit her head.

I had to blow this picture up so you could all “admire” the hat!  Yes, I know, it does look like it was packed in luggage, the bottom of the luggage, all the way from Honolulu!


Hula did want me to post the disclaimer that the redneck, shiny, spray painted black, straw hat that she wore was only out of necessity and not one of her fashion choices. It’s a far cry from a nice felt Stetson!

Hula had a wonderful time at the ranch and made some new friends that she’ll keep in contact with for a long time to come.

Hula left the White Stallion Ranch and headed back into town to attend the Rose Roundup ~ the Pacific Southwest  District Rose Convention in Tuscon.

A week in Arizona provided Hula the opportunity to gather with old friends, renew a love for horses and riding, and make new acquaintances and friends.

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