Honey, I caught a groundhog

I got e mail from Mr. Wonderful the other day.  This is not unusual, but the message was.

MW – “Honey, I caught a groundhog.”


MJB- “is it a boy or a girl?”


MW -“I don’t know, I didn’t lift it’s skirt up to see.”


MW – “What am I going to do with it?”


MJB – “Want me to ask my Animal Science class if anyone wants a groundhog?”

MW – “no one will want him”

MJB- “I just read that they make terrible house pets.”


MJB- “I found some recipes online…”

MW – “um, no”


Just another day in the life at Willow Creek.

The groundhog was caught in a live trap and was not injured.  It has since joined the witness protection program and has been relocated to an undisclosed habitat.

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