Happy Dog

Dexter~ The ” bad dog”, has some sesrious problems with his ears that we just can’t seem to solve for him.  Many trips to the vet and lots of ear drops.  Nothing seems to clear up his problems.

To begin to understand why I refer to him as the “bad dog” you may want to read about pets being members of the family or the ever popular Gatorade post.

Because of his ear troubles he LOVES to have his ears and head scratched and rubbed.

We headed out for a walk and Dexter made a B line for Thing 3.  She reciprocated by scratching his ears.


And scratching a bit more.

What the camera does not capture are the grunts of pleasure he makes while this scratching is going on.


On this particular day the D dog was not feeling well, he just wasn’t himself.  Having Thing 3 rub his ears certainly helped to perk him up a bit.

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