Garden Road Trip

Since Mr. Wonderful and I bought our acreage and he disked up a nice big garden for me, it’s been a tradition that I plant tomatoes and peppers from Anderson’s Greenhouse in Reliance, South Dakota.  The Dragon Lady used to live on the lake at Reliance and helped out at the greenhouse each spring.  She’d always bring me a care package of sorts from Jean and Lee, the owners.  There would always be tomatoes – Roma, Goliath and Better Boy; and Peppers – Jalapeno, and California Wonder; Petunias and Geraniums.  The rest would be things that Jean just threw in.  She has sent me Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Candy Onions, Celery, you just never know what will be in the back of the car when the delivery takes place.

Dahlberg Daisy – great filler flowers for planters and hanging baskets.


This road trip was more about the people than the plants!  We had Lunch with my “adopted sister” Beth and had a nice visit with Jean and Lee.


Jean has the best tomato plants in about 18 counties.  Nice tall plants with nice fat, sturdy stems!


And petunias!  They are amazing.  You can tell that it’s been a good year for the Anderson’s, the house is about empty.  I picked up a bunch of the magenta colored petunias for my front bed.


More petunias.


I loved the color of the blossom on this Ivy Geranium!


I came home with much more that what the photos show.  Now it’s time to get things planted!

We had a great day and actually got some time to visit.

The Dragon Lady and I are usually weeding the garden, working on the remodel, canning – doing some sort of work when we are together so a few hours of captive highway time was a great thing!

Have I mentioned that I love my Mother in Law?

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