A Graduation Tribute

Every so often, a student comes into your life and simply sweeps you off your feet!  I’d like to introduce you to just that sort of young woman.

She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at 16 months. She never crawled or walked as the spinal neurons or nerves to those major muscles are weakened. She also has a compromised immune system and the common cold can turn into pneumonia and result in collapsed lungs. This little hero has endured multiple hospitalizations during her life but she continues to fight!

Just making it to graduation is one of her little miracles!

When H1N1 hit our part of the world this fall we worried that a trip to the hospital with H1N1 would be more than she could handle.

One the way into the gym during the processional.


Have diploma, will travel!

This picture was preceded by a standing ovation of all those present!


With her proud parents after the ceremony.


Mom, Dad, big sister and a couple of distinguished guests who were in attendance for graduation.



We are in awe of your strength and so very proud of you!

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