When Thing 3 has the camera…

Thing 1 has had a crazy busy semester at SDSU.  She was able to carve out some time to spend with us before Prom at my high school.  Thing 1 is a genius when it comes to all things girly.  Part of the reason for her trip south was to do Thing 3’s hair and make up for Prom.

Thing 3 enjoys using my camera.  She took this opportunity while I was mowing and Mr. Wonderful was outside working to antagonize her sister by snapping photos of her.

Thing 1 really is a beautiful girl, honest.  I know she’s sticking her tongue out, but I think Thing 3 was annoying her.


Thing 1 talking to her Marlboro man on the phone.  Thing 1 and Hula decided after reading The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, that Thing 1 needed a Marlboro man!


He’s evidently saying something nice to her, check that smile.


Ok, looks like she’s annoyed again


Yummy – home made bread made into cinnamon toast!


Thing 3 managed to talk Thing 1 into going outside so that she could continue torturing her with the camera.


These two girls are peas in a pod!  The make each other crazy most of the time.

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