The beautification of Thing 3

I firmly believe that turnabout is fair play!  Thing 3 antagonized her sisterby following her around with my camera.  Now it was Thing 1’s turn to make her sister miserable by girlifying her!

The ocasion was prom at the high school where I teach.  Thing 1 is the master of all things girly so she was the woman for the job of making her little sister look like a girl!

Thing 3 would rather live in sweats and basketball shorts with her hair in a ponytail than to dress up pretty and look like a girl.


Thing 3 was in quite the mood.  She was wiggly and giggly, almost as if wearing make up was really hurting her?


She kept stealing items from her sister’s make up bag.


It looks like there’s another laugh brimming at the surface


Thing 1 – “OK, close your eyes.”

Thing 3 – closes and immediately opens her eyes again

Thing 1 – “Close them and keep them closed.”

Thing 3 – laughter

Thing 1 – battles desire to beat her sister


More beautification




This is where Thing 3 made me put the camera away. I guess she was tired of being photographed.  Now she knows how she made her sister feel!

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