National Ag Week

It’s National Ag Week! 

To celebrate, I’ve got another video from “the real farm girl”.  This is another year in review video from our neighbors and dairy farmers. 

Over 2 million farms in the U.S. are family owned compared to only 7,000 non-family owned corperations. America’s farmers still have the same values. We have embraced technology and have gotten bigger to survive and run the best operations we can. Farms would not be better off if they were the same as back in the olden days, nor would you be because your supply of food would be so much more limited. Would your personal life be better off without the advantages of email, cell phones, and the auto start on your car? We are not trying to make a quick buck, we are changing with the times. Bigger is sustainable when managed properly, and technology is helping us ensure better quality products and heathlier animals.

Happy National Ag Week – be sure to thank a farmer this week for the abundance that we enjoy!

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