How many Wall Drug signs are there anyway?

I recenlty spent some quality windshield time driving to and from a meeting.  As a child, I remember a road trip across South Dakota.  I also remember that the game my parents used to keep my brother (Mr. Who)  and I busy was counting the Wall Drug signs along the way.  Wall Drug, if you’ve never been, is located in Wall, South Dakota.  76,000 square feet of tourist trap fun!

Wall Drug has been featured in Time magazine as one of the largest tourist attractions in the north. They have over 500 miles of billboards on Interstate 90, stretching from Minnesota to Billings, Montana. Wall Drug spends an estimated $400,000 on billboard signs every year.

I captured just a small sampling of the Wall Drug billboards between home and my meeting.


Wall Drug made their name giving away free ice water to tourists traveling across South Dakota in the summer of 1936.


There are Wall Drug signs all over the world that state how many miles it is from that location to Wall Drug.


The tourist attraction has been featured on TV news magazines as well as  in print.


57 miles and five Wall Drug signs later, I arrived at my meeting.  This little trip brought back great memories of family trips as a child, however, I don’t remember how many signs my brother and I decided that  there were on the way.  I guess one could safely say, a lot!

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3 Responses to How many Wall Drug signs are there anyway?

  1. Thing2 says:

    One of my Aussie friends has seen them in Australia, and Mik had seen them in her area (upstate NY) even though she had no idea what it was.

  2. lana sternhagen says:

    I have two signs ,deadwood,on hwy 14a central city,and across from mystic miner ski area, outside of lead . I am asking $150. For two signs three sides to advertise on. Please call if u r interested in leasing….605-920-1395 ask for Lana

  3. Brooke says:

    They say there was a peak in the 60s of OVER 3000 signs so they more than likely added more signs since then.

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