These things I love~


It’s Valentine’s Day!  In honor of “Forced Affection Day” as Mr. Wonderful refers to today, I thought I’d post briefly about the things that I love.  Things 1 and 2 refer to Valentine’s Day as “Single Awareness Day”.

I love~

Mr. Wonderful

Thing1, Thing 2, & Thing 3

Hula – my mother

The Dragon Lady – my mother in law (you too Kent)

John Wayne Movies

Old musicals

The smell of baking bread

Dark chocolate

Good girlfriends – Karin, Donna, Day


Laughing till I cry

A good glass of wine

A rare steak

Blue Corduroy jackets

Jeans that are long enough

Garden cataogs


The sound of Mr. Wonderful sleeping

Shopping with my girls


My truck – especially since it won’t stop snowing and blowing this winter

Singing the National Anthem

Planting things and watching them grow

Chick Flicks!

Mango anything

The Olympics

That my girls are three of my best friends

A church with a really good organist

Dog walks with Mr. Wonderful


Cooking and baking

Creating opportunities for youth

The Star Wars Movies

Harry Potter Books

Dexter and Elwood


This list could get easily out of hand.  I’d love to hear what you love!

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