The Real Farm Girl’s 2009 year in Review

South Dakota is typically thought of as beef country.    Thousand acre ranches with nothing but grass and cattle for miles.  About 3.7 million head of beef cattle graze the South Dakota prairie!   We live right in the middle of American Agriculture at it’s finest! 

Our neighbors are predominantly farmers and ranchers.  One in particular farms on a pretty large scale.  They’ve got 3000 acres under cultivation and run 800 head of cattle, 450 of which are dairy cattle.  They milk three times a day and each milking takes about 4 hours from the number one cow to the number 450 cow!

The youngest daughter of the family is now 22 – strike that, they just adopted a nine year old from Haiti (here’s a link to the orphanage she was at).  So the second to youngest daughter in the family is 22.  She is full time farming with her father and tells the story of their family farm and American Agriculture in a way that is truly captivating!  I’ve embedded her latest video here.  It shows so well why I and so many others have this great passion for agriculture.

Laura also runs an online store with all things country.  Check her out at Fillyflair.  If you’re into western purses and belts with lots of bling and sparkle at a good price – this is your site!

All this talk about dairy cattle makes me thirsty for an ice-cold glass of milk.  You too?  Visit to check out the Great Gallon Give, a new program that will give away hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk to families across the country.  Consumers can download a coupon for a free gallon of milk and register to win a one-year supply of milk.  As part of the program, milk processors will also donate milk and make a cash contribution to Feeding America by giving the organization $1 — up to $100,000 — for every “virtual gallon” of milk that’s sent to friends through

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